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Deep-sea fishing in Costa Rica

Deep-Sea Fishing In Costa Rica

With Costa Rica’s coastal and inland waters holding 95 world records, this country is recognized as one of the topmost fishing locations in the world. With multiple rivers, extensive wetlands, and two expansive coastlines, Costa Rica is undoubtedly an angler’s nirvana offering unparallel inshore, near, and offshore fishing opportunities.

In this blog, let’s take a look at Deep-sea fishing or offshore fishing in Costa Rica and discuss major deep-sea fishing destinations in Costa Rica.

What is Deep Sea Fishing?

Deep-sea fishing is done usually in waters more than a hundred feet deep and as far out as hundred miles from the shore. Sometimes it is done dozens of miles away from the nearest land. Anglers usually think that a water depth of at least 30 miles is considered deep enough to be called a deep sea fishing area. Deep sea fishing is also called trophy fishing or sport fishing.

Marlin Fish: Deep Sea Fishing in Costa Rica
Marlin Fish: Deep Sea Fishing in Costa Rica

Since deep sea fishing targets the depth of vast ocean this technique yields many different kinds of exotic, gigantic fish and requires special gear.

Imagine the excitement of pulling a 1000 lbs. marlin out of the depths of water. All the thrill and excitement of catching monsters such as marlin, tuna, billfish, mackerel makes deep sea fishing worth a shot. Anglers travel the world to reel in a shiny Mahi Mahi or a honking tuna.

  • safety

First of all, setting out on a safe vessel charter is very important even if you are a pro angular. Although new technology in motors, boats, safety equipment, and electronics has made deep sea fishing easier and accessible, it is highly recommended that you should not leave the shore without a guide or a charter, especially for beginners.

  • Tackle

As deep-sea fishing exposes an angler to adverse conditions such as water depths, monster fish species, and other external factors, therefore, reeling in the fish require special gear and tackle Due to the variety of deep-sea fish species and different techniques to catch them you may require different types of fishing reel rods and gear. Deep-sea fishing may require trolling with live baits or deep sea lures, bottom fishing with lures, or jigging with a lure. For example, you may need the following gear for trolling a sailfish:

  • 6 to 7 foot fishing rod medium action
  • Heavy duty baitcaster reel
  • 20 lb monofilament line
  • 40-80 lb monofilament leader
  • Live wait such as threadfin herring
  • 6/0-7/0 hooks

However, you will need the following for bottom fishing for a grouper.

  • Cut bait– such as grunts, monofilament leader line and a monofilament line of 50 pound
  • Baitcasting reel
  •  6 feet medium bottom fishing rod
  • Techniques

There are different methods to catch a fish and the method that you will select depends upon the type of fish you are targeting. Usually, the most common methods of sport fishing are chumming, trolling jigging, and popping. If your target is billfish or dorado then the most popular method is trolling. Another popular technique is kite fishing that is a different variation of trolling especially effective for sailfish, wahoo, tuna, and dolphins.

Chumming is a popular technique that brings fish near your vessel. this method is best for wahoo, shark, tuna, and dolphin. Jigging and spin casting are also equally rewarding methods.

Deep sea fishing in Costa Rica

You have probably heard this countless times before and you will hear it countless times again: there is nothing compared to deep sea fishing offered in Costa Rica.  For a country with the size equal to West Virginia, Costa Rica’s fishing reputation outweighs many renowned fishing locations in the world such as Florida keys.

Sailfishing Trips Costa Rica

Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica has a 100-mile coastline that offers phenomenal sport fishing opportunities. As opposed to other fishing locations summers and winters are equally productive and rewarding in Costa Rica in terms of fishing due to its tropical climate. So you can find fish throughout the year. Deep-sea fishing is done 120 miles into the Pacific Ocean that offers mind-blowing stretches of blue water and encounters with giant deep sea fish such as wahoo, marlin yellowfin tuna, and sailfish.

Law and regulations

Fishing in Costa Rica is an important source of income, therefore, regulations are put in place to avoid the depletion of valuable fish species, for example, all anglers, whether you are a foreigner or a native require a fishing license issued by the Costa Rican fisheries institute. Get your license here

By law, all billfish should be released alive. Apart from these anglers are free to consume and keep other fish species.

Marlin Fishing adventures
Marlin Fishing adventures

Best Places in Costa Rica for deep-sea fishing

Costa Rica offers a wide range of fishing hotspots, the tricky thing is to be at the right place at the right time. Marina Papagayo, Papagayo Peninsula, Tamarindo Sportfishing, Guanacaste, Crocodile Bay Sportfishing Resort, Osa Peninsula, Los Suenos resort and marina, and Jaco are a few of the noteworthy places for deep sea fishing. However, among these locations for deep sea fishing following places in Costa Rica are the best.

Los Suenos

Los Angeles resort and Marina is located on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica is known as the billfish capital of the world. It officer is a luxury gateway to incredible offshore are deep sea fishing opportunities in the world. You can catch dolphin fish, marlin, wahoo, dorado, snapper, grouper, tuna, and sailfish in Los Suenos.

  • Charters

You can find plenty of conveyance means in Los Suenos for fishing trips out in the sea. Although pangas and boats are there it is advised to hire an experienced captain or charter to enjoy deep sea fishing without any inconveniences. You can contact the following charters in Los Suenos for deep-sea adventures:

  • Sueltalo
  • Scatterbrain
  • Circle Hook
  • Gun Smoke
  • Fish Calendar

In Los Suenos, there is plenty of fish all year round however some seasons are best for certain species. From October to December fishing conditions are best for marlin, sailfish, and dolphin fish. For tunas, October till March is the best time. From January to September, wahoo and roosterfish can be reeled in pretty well. For snappers, July to December is an excellent month.


Jaco is a well-known fishing spot for sailfish. Anglers looking for trophy-sized fish often visit Jaco while passing Herradura bay. Jaco is famous for its, resorts, bustling nightlife, and a wide variety of inshore and offshore fishing charters. Fishermen can target roosterfish, sailfish, wahoo, cubera, dorado, and marlin in Jaco.

  • Jaco Charters

 According to reviews, Game Sportfishing, Tito – 28’ Panga, Captain Tony, and Captain, Jose Ortiz are some of the most famous fishing charters in Jaco. Charter trip prices may vary but usually, a 4-hour trip can cost you 640 dollars and 8 hours trip with a private charter can cost you up to 1500 dollars.

  • Fishing Calendar

December is the best month to visit Jaco when there is plenty of sailfish and Marlin. During the rainy season, roosterfish is your best bet. From October to March you can find plenty of tuna. Blue marlins are starting appearing in April and remain there till December.

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