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Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi Dorado fishing in Costa Rica

Dorado is commonly called Mahi-Mahi. They are also known as dolphin fish. It may be present in all oceans except the Arctic. They are highly migratory. Always traveling in the current of the sea. So where the currents can easily see the dolphin or Mahi very easily. Often they gather under floating debris like floating people. They are often found together with nets or debris, or seaweed, in a strong state.

Mahi Mahi Fishing
Mahi Mahi Fishing

Mahi, or dolphins by any name they are very lively and fast active fish. They can provide exciting fights. They develop all kinds of qualities for which all these fish are used for recreational and commercial purposes. Popular worldwide for their flaky, tender white flesh. That is why they are searched all over the world. The way it is cooked in any recipe is very tasty. Dolphins are incomparable in taste. These all can be found together only in Costa Rica. Now is the time to plan a vacation in Costa Rica. Contact us. We will make Single, Family, or Friends any tour suitable for you in any package. Let us know your needs, and we will make your vacation incomparable.

Mahi Mahi - Dorado Fishing Trip in Costa Rica
Mahi Mahi – Dorado Fishing Trip in Costa Rica

Its perfect time for Dorado catching

The fastest-growing fish is Dorado or Dolphin. It can grow up to 30-40lbs in a year. The fast-growing Dorado can live up to 5 to 7 years. Dolphins can reach a maximum of 80 pounds. The highest record for the world is 84 pounds. However, many more world records are being set in Costa Rica. Costa Rica can be visited at any time to enjoy fishing. But to catch a dolphin or a dorado, you have to come at the right time.

This world-famous national fish is an avid eater. Can eat everything interesting and stick right in their mouths, including the little Dorado. I even saw baby turtles in their bellies. I also caught it with plastic teeth. Dorado often takes school children on trips from school to show them off. It is especially true with young children. Dorados or dolphins roam more in flocks. Sometimes, there can be up to thousands of fish in a group. Adults usually travel in small groups or pairs. Usually, here in this group, a bull is seen traveling with a male and some female.

Mahi Fish
Mahi Fish

Dorado is more or less available all year round in Costa Rica. May to November is the ideal time to find. The green season lasts the longest, from May to November. It is why a lot of debris floats in the water during these months. Dorado likes to eat a lot more food. During this time, there are more and more flocks for food. There are several large fishing opportunities between 50-70 pounds per year. Very well, this area will be able to catch world-class fishing. And have to wait anxiously for the opportunity to catch them. But even if you wait, the right time will come.

Dorado is captured using similar bait, bait, and trolling spreads. All this is done to catch billfish. Sometimes, if we want to catch Dorado specifically, we have to reduce the size of the bait. Any fish is available at any time. But the fun of catching a dorado or a dolphin is different. Only those who have this fishing habit know the joy of special fishing.

So Costa Rica is always the perfect place to spend a vacation. All over Costa Rica is arranged just for the convenience of tourists. Beaches, restaurants, food, the sea, even the roadside, or the seasons are all things to enjoy. Costa Rica is awesome. The pleasure of fishing in Costa Rica, especially in Dorado, makes everyone much happier.

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