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Tamarindo Fishing

    Sportifhsing in Tamarindo Costa Rica

    Most of the charter boats in this area operate out of Tamarindo but will move to Carrillo for three days or longer bookings. As in the rest of Costa Rica, most are aimed at parties of four or less, but a couple can carry up to six passengers.

    Marlin Fishing adventures
    Marlin Fishing adventures

    Full-day charters include all bait, tackle, lunch & drinks, but not the fishing license ($24, good for a year), which you may or may not need depending on whether the agent who sells them is around on the day that you fish. These boats are only a few of the boats that are based here, and in addition, during the winter months other boats that are normally based in Flamingo, further to the north, migrate to Carrillo to escape the northerly Papagayo wind

    These are only a few of the many hotels in the Tamarindo and Flamingo Beach areas. Tamarindo is the largest village and has well-developed tourist facilities. Flamingo is a smaller and more laid-back village.

    The international airport at Liberia is only around an hour away by road, so it is a better choice than San Jose for the international traveler.

    Let Los Suenos Fishing Charters arrange as much or as little of your trip as you like, whether it is strictly fishing or a combination of family vacation with a little fishing thrown in for daddy. It costs you no more to go through me, and it is certainly more convenient for you.

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