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Roosterfish fishing Costa Rica

    Roosterfish fishing 

    December around the corner, and the Roosterfish season, yes! The Roosterfish sportfishing Costa Rica it’s been on, for that entire person who loves this fish. In the pacific of Costa Rica, the Roosterfish season is better in September and October.  People go to the beach too or offshore fishing, to catch spice, in Jaco Beach I saw 3 guys today, they were fishing for 1 hour (staring at 6:AM).

    Costa Rica Rooster Fishing
    Costa Rica Rooster Fishing

    They got a really huge Roosterfish, unfortunately, I did not bring my camera, but it was really good fish, I think o that it was around 7 kilos height, so they told me that, in this season someone without experience in fishing, can easily catch a roosterfish or Snapper.  In my own opinion, the Snapper is better “I love to eat Snapper” but some people prefer Roosterfish.

    Roosterfish give better fight!

    Some people just caught Rooster to take a picture

    This guy’s told me, that the Roosterfish is better, in the way that is more aggressive, 100% better to have a fishing fight, that exactly what they were looking for: They prefer caught that eat it, I also saw some people at Herradura beach, close by Los Suenos Resort, they also have some Rooster and 2 Red Snapper, so this is the best time to fish it.

    Rooster Fishing Trips
    Rooster Fishing Trips

    Offshore fishing Costa Rica

    Any time of the year, at Los Suenos Marina you can hire a boat for half-day, this too caught Rooster or Snapper, the weather is not the best one, at this moment… because during the rainy season from May to late December you could get a wet day but still get a really good time,  for instance, you get a 45ft charter for $1900US, with Transportation, drinks, snacks, and taxes included, which is a good price, We also have been taking much amazing offshore sportfishing with this size of boats, and just wonderful for any hardcore fisherman, I am sure that this boat is great!

    Roosterfish vs Snapper, good fight!

    As I told you before, I prefer Snapper to eat, but… searching on Internet I saw that there are a lot of plates that you can prepare with, Roosterfish too. Grilled is one of the best options, Mmmm taste! And also with some vegetable and Garlic Butter, the net time I am going to try it. (Most of the people caught Roosterfish just to take a picture) The Snapper fried with French potatoes, is great and exquisite, there are different types of Snapper, form my, my favorite is Redone.

    In this blog, I talk and I sell fishing trips and Tours, but also I like to help people with regular questions, about Costa Rica Trips, feel free to email me at: If I don’t know, the answer I will find it and I will send you the best information.

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